Rent Anywhere.

The first home-renting platform any landlord and tenant can use

An easier way to manage

Rentlord connects landlord and tenants at the property, keeping track of documents, rent payments and communications so that renting and living together is easy-peasy.

Power your portfolio with credit scoring

Rent payments made through Rentlord enter your tenant's credit records, encouraging them to pay rent promptly every month.

Expert help when you need it

Each tenancy is assigned a Rentlord Agent. She is your point of contact if you need any assistance.

Save up to 40% on operation costs

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Boost the efficiency of your team immediately. Rentlord helps you operate at maximum economies of scale even if you're just starting up.

For Management Agents

Legal action: not just forms

Have complete peace of mind even If things go wrong, as we advise you and perform the legal work, including chasing for late payments, arbitration, and in the worst case: regaining possession of your property.

Why landlords love Rentlord

Experienced Landlords

Busy Professionals

Property Investors

“Rentlord lets me concentrate on finding and buying good investments while they take care of all the hard work.”

“I own 2 properties but I’m too busy with work to properly manage them or know the legalities of running a rentals business.”

“I’ve been doing this for 12 years but Rentlord has given me back my time. I depend on their advice to keep me up to date with the law.”

Martin Cribb

Angela Russell

David Moore


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Lawyer drafted contracts

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Rent processing with legal guarantee

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Legally compliant and protected

Using Rentlord helps to keep your tenancies compliant with UK regulations, meaning that you enjoy protection by the law if things go wrong.

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Rentlord is an easy, all-in-one tool that DIY landlords can use to professionalise their business, and stay UK compliant

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