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Do you need a tenant quickly? We'll advertise your property nationwide on all the major UK property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla.

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“Rentlord lets me concentrate on finding and buying good investments while they take care of all the hard work.”

“I own 2 properties but I’m too busy with work to properly manage them or know the legalities of running a rentals business.”

“I’ve been doing this for 12 years but Rentlord has given me back my time. I depend on their advice to keep me up to date with the law.”

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Your Rentlord Agent is ready to help from your Dashboard

If you've found potential tenants already, we'll take the paperwork and hassle away from you by credit checking them, issuing the correct tenancy agreement, and managing the tenancy.



Start a Tenancy

What you get:

Credit Check all Potential Tenants

• Sign Tenancy Agreement

Register the Tenancy Deposit

• Process the First Payment

• Process Monthly Rent

• Chase Late Payments

Legal Actions for Lateness

Eviction (if necessary)

Advertise on Portals

• Process Deposit Return

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Rental Exchange

1. Preparing

2. Starting

3. During

4. Re-Advertising

Use Rentlord to manage your tenancy

Everything tracked can be used in court, and our team will help you prepare all documents

Automatically maintain a transparent record of your tenancy, rent payments, and official documents.

In the event of a legal dispute, we will send you an archive of this tenancy and also submit it to court, if necessary.

You're Protected

Your communications, documents and rent payment receipts are all organized on one platform, instead of scattered across spreadsheets, SMS and email.

Manage Everyone Painlessly

Every month, Rentlord collects payment from your tenants by Standing Order or Direct Debit and pays it to you. We automatically keep track of how much remains to be paid, even if rent is partially paid.

Process Rent Payments

Rentlord automatically helps you if your tenants are late with rent and keeps track of the situation if it escalates, ranging from sending them legal letters to eviction if necessary. We'll help fill out the eviction notice correctly for you, and offer you very close support through the experience.

Because We Help When Things Go Wrong...

Each tenancy is assigned a dedicated Rentlord Agent to help you take care of any issues that may arise. Your Rentlord Agent is a real professional that you can rely on to help answer any questions regarding this tenancy or simply how to become a great Landlord.

Meet Your Rentlord Agent

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Rentlord saves your company time, reducing cost and driving your profits. Speak to us today about partnering with us and arranging a free trial.

Easily Manage Your Portfolio

Need a new tenant at the end of the tenancy? Simply re-advertise your property through the platform and we'll put you on all major property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. You can do this to find and start your new tenancy, or we'll automatically notify you near the end of your current contract to re-advertise the property. This service is Free, and included in your Rentlord subscription for the property.

Advertise Nationwide

At last, the home renting process has been streamlined and put online for everyone to use."

When your tenants pay rent on time through Rentlord, their UK credit score will reflect successful payment, just like any other type of financial payment. This incentivises them to pay you promptly.

Using Rentlord, you can also make credit and background checks on your potential tenants before you sign a new tenancy with them.

Linked to UK Credit Scoring

"Fast, Simple and Powerful...

Find a Tenant

or FREE for members

Manage a Tenancy

Membership Fee: £14.99 +VAT / month

BTL Investors

Managing Agents

Housing Providers

Get in Touch

Credit Check Potential Tenants

Lawyer Drafted Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy Deposit Registration

Monthly Rent Processing

Late Payment Legal Actions

Free re-advertising on the UK Portals

Rentlord is the first rent payment processor for landlords to share tenant rental payment information to Experian for inclusion in their credit file. By sharing rental payment history into the Rental Exchange tenants have an incentive to consistently pay their rent on time.

Credit Building for Tenants

Rental Exchange

Rent Guarantee Insurance covers the monthly rental income of your property should problems arise, such as non-payment of rent, leading to eviction of your tenants. All legal fees are also covered to repossess your property. This whole process can take at least 2 months at a minimum.

With this product, not only are you covered financially, but also your Rentlord Agent will guide you through this difficult and complicated period. Rentlord membership will also advertise your property on the property portals free of charge as soon as possible, to replace and find your new tenants.

Optional: Rent Guarantee

Late Payment Actions

£29.98 to advertise nationwide

if you're looking for a tenant:

if you've found a tenant already:

Find a Tenant

FREE for members

Manage a Tenancy

Membership Fee: £14.99 +VAT / month

£29.98 to advertise nationwide

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