Legal Work Guarantee

We collect rent, log payments, give advise and do legal work for you

When you collect and process rent payments through Rentlord, we cover you with our Legal Work Guarantee. This means that not only does Rentlord perform the service of chasing, keeping track of, and collecting rent during the course of the tenancy, we also automatically alert you if things go amiss (for instance, a 3-day late payment), then take over personally as well as advise you, all the way to filing the correct documents to begin the process of repossessing your property.

You're always in control at every point, because you have a Rentlord Agent personally assigned to your tenancy, who will guide you through what's happening at every step, and is able to personally advise you of your legal options at every point.

Total Peace of Mind

Taking the matter to court:

We'll suggest a legal representative to represent you in court.


If the court gives you a possession order, we will help you hire a bailiff to repossess your property.


Our partner solicitors:

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How It Works

Prevent Problems

Level 1

Preventing problems and miscommunications is the first step to a successful tenancy. Payments are received from the tenants, recorded, and paid out to the landlord within 24 hours. The Rentlord system gives you and your tenant a common Whiteboard, where you can communicate transparently.

Document messages automatically

All messages that you exchange during your tenancy, including uploaded photographs and documents, are legally admissible documentation.

Rent payments tracking

You and your tenants share a visual record of how rent remains to be paid for the month, meaning that everything is crystal clear. If rent is late, it'll be recorded here.

Professional receipts

Another piece of documentary proof you'll receive are emailed receipts of paid rent. Again, all this is legally admissible evidence: everything is clearly timestamped.

Learn more about the Whiteboard >


Level 2

If rent is 3 days late, Rentlord starts springing to action. The Tenant is notified by Whiteboard messaging, Email, and SMS that rent is overdue. The Landlord is kept abreast of progress.

Late warnings

Tenants are notified by Whiteboard, Email and SMS that payment is late. All communication and auto-notifications can be used as legal evidence.

Your Rentlord Agent Alerted

The Rentlord Agent assigned to your property is also alerted that rent is late at the property, and the property is flagged on our system for attention and continuous monitoring.

Legal Action

Level 3

If non-payment persists, or if you have grounds to repossess your property for other reasons than non-payment, we advise you on your options. If needed, we send a legal notice to officially warn the tenants about behaviour. We help prepare the Section 8 notice on your behalf to correctly begin the process of repossessing your property. All documentation on Rentlord through the Whiteboard is legally admissible in court as evidence.

Your rentals empowered by Experian

Only Rentlord incentivises prompt rent payment by your Tenants, because payments feed into the UK credit score system. Your tenants' cre‍‍‍dit scores improve when they pay rent on time, and get affected if late.

At approximately 7 days into late behaviour, and with all the aforementioned electronic chasing already in progress, your Rentlord Agent (working in partnership and correspondence with you) would start to personally contact the tenants and chase for rent payment. A mutually agreed arrangement with your approval will be arrived at.

General Timeline

If matters do not improve, or worsen, we'll discuss with you what your legal options are at this stage. We'll send a lawyer-drafted legal notice to the tenant at this stage, formally chasing rent arrears. We'll continue mediating with the tenants to find a mutually satisfactory outcome. In our experience, most cases can be resolved by this point, avoiding costly and lengthy legal proceedings.

Legal Notices

As soon as possible, we'll correctly fill out Section 21 and 8 notices where applicable so that you will be able to repossess the property legally, in parallel with our mediation.

Correctly Filing for Reposession

At this point, your Rentlord Agent will personally work with you to put together a file containing all your rent payment receipts and Whiteboard documentation of communications during the tenancy. This is all legally submittable evidence for you. We prepare all documents, so that if and when the time comes for actual legal proceedings to be filed, you will be ready mentally as well as practically. At this point, you are ready to take the matter further.

Preparing Your Legal Documents

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2 months after the first non-payment of rent, you will be legally allowed to file to the courts for repossession of your property. By this time, your Rentlord Agent would have prepared you with the documents and papers to apply for this step. We would also have had 2 months of negotiating with your tenants to avoid this lengthy and costly step, that would also result in a black mark to their credit scores.

These next 3 steps are on a pay as you go basis, but we will guide you every step of the way, and also recommend a trusted partner to you, as well as introduce the case and all documentation to your solicitor,

You'll hire a solicitor to draft and submit your claim to the courts to repossess your property.

Particulars of Claim