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Rentlord is the first platform that lets you start and manage property rentals completely online

Built for self-managing landlords

HMO or Single Let properties

Option 1:

Start a New Tenancy

We'll help you start a new tenancy with potential tenants (and their guarantors, if any) that you've found.

Credit check

Lawyer-drafted contract

Monthly rent payments

Legal work guarantee


Background checks, employer checks, affordability testing, County Court Judgments

E-sign to close the deal in minutes, plus we register the tenancy deposit (as legally required too)

We collect, and keep track of unpaid rent, and incentivise prompt rent payment by reporting to the credit bureaus

If problems happen, we'll take care of all legal work such as sending out notices, evictions, and applying for damages

Option 2:

Manage Only

Do you already have existing tenancies running at your properties? Use Rentlord FREE with your current tenants for these benefits:

Credit bureau (Experian Rental Exchange)

Track rent payments

Legal work guarantee


Incentivize prompt rent payment as we connect your property to UK credit bureaus

We'll take care of keeping track of any unpaid rent payments, and put it on the record in case of problems

If problems happen, we'll take care of all legal work such as sending out notices, evictions, and applying for damages

Rent still due

Rentlord handles rent collection for you and keeps track of any unpaid rent:

• Incentivize prompt payment – Your tenants' rent payment enters their UK credit records

• Legal work guarantee – In case of problems, we'll do the legal work and provide legal advice


• On the record – Everything is easily documented for your protection as you use Rentlord

Perfect if you use:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My properties are already tenanted. Should I use the Manage plan?

2. Is the Manage plan really free of charge to use?

Yes! Using the Manage plan lets you communicate and document problems with your tenants easily.

Yes! And if you have more suggestions of features, or feedback, please reach the founding team through Colin at colin@rentlord.com

3. I've just found some potential tenants. Can I use Rentlord to Start the Tenancy?

Yes, Rentlord will conduct ID checks on your tenants and guarantors through Experian (which is used by all banks in the UK), and if everything's ok, we'll set everyone up to sign the tenancy agreement in a few clicks; finally we'll collect the initial monies payment (usually the tenancy deposit and 1st month's rent) that would start off the tenancy. At this point the tenancy goes "Live", and we'll do all the paperwork to register the tenancy deposit for you, as legally required.

4. I've not found any tenants yet. How do you suggest I find Tenants?

There are many ways today to find potential tenants for your property. (a) Online Classifieds such as Gumtree, Craigslist, SpareRoom;  (b) Word of Mouth: your current tenants, or someone from your friends network may be interested in renting a home; (c) Facebook Groups: there are an increasing number of Facebook Groups where potential tenants can be found.

Learn more about Experian Rental Exchange

Find out more about our Legal Work Guarantee

Use the Whiteboard to manage communications and problems during the tenancy. Our Legal Work Guarantee uses these records to protect you

The Whiteboard


We make renting safer.

• Dedicated to this Property – A professional Rentlord Agent is assigned to help everybody

• Get professional help– We take the load off your back by resolving problems during the tenancy, as this feature can be requested by Tenants too, and not just the Landlord

Your Dashboard is the easiest way to manage your entire portfolio

The Dashboard


We make your life simpler.

Go to what's important – With a click of the button, see recent messages, rent paid or overdue, and more

Store documents for a property – All in one place for your convenience: the tenancy agreement, EPC, Gas Safety Certificate, and more

We make your life easier.

Whether you want to rent out a single whole property or a bedroom, Rentlord lets you background-check potential tenants and start a legally-binding tenancy speedily and easily

Start a Tenancy


Easy document storage.

How It Works