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You'll find the details of your contract here. Click "More" to display the contact details of everyone, and also to download your contract.

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The right side of the Whiteboard gives you a 3 month summary of rent payments. It also tells you whether it is up to date or how much is still left owing.

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This is the best way to document everything happening during the tenancy, to protect yourself legally in case problems arise. Send messages, start discussions, post photographs, attach receipts.

Communicate with Each Other

Start Discussions, Send Photographs, Attach Receipts

Automatic System Posts

All Whiteboard posts are also sent out by SMS and Email. Simply reply back by email to continue the discussion.

Works through Email

Getting Support

At the top of every discussion thread, you'll find my photograph. Just click it, and I'll arrive to help you and the tenants on this discussion.

Agent Assist (I)

You can also create a new post as an Agent Assist post, meaning I'll be informed immediately.

Agent Assist (II)

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The Whiteboard connects you with your Tenants and Rentlord Agent so you get transparency plus help when you need it.


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If you need to, you can also contact your Rentlord Agent directly by sending a private message from your Whiteboard.

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