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Late Payment Actions

Protecting and Guiding You Through Problems

The key to avoiding problems and legal issues down the line for both parties is by keeping things transparent: Rentlord tracks all payments – even partial payments – every month, and sends out email receipts and SMS'es so that financial obligations are clear.

Professional Receipts


Late Payments


We escalate responses to payment problems during the tenancy, and guide you through the crisis

The Rentlord system automatically starts chasing for payment by alerting you and the tenants that rent is late. You also have the Whiteboard to transparently communicate and document what's happening at this stage. Our team is ready to assist you, if necessary, with the next stage.

Escalating Reminders

The Whiteboard always maintains a copy of each receipt and tracks the financials of the tenancy, even if a partial payment for rent has been made. You'll always know how much is left to be paid for the month. All Whiteboard records – including financials and communications – are recognized in a UK court.

Transparently Documented


At approximately 7 days into late behaviour, and with all the aforementioned electronic chasing already in progress, your Rentlord Agent (working in partnership and correspondence with you) would start to personally contact the tenants and chase for rent payment. A mutually agreed arrangement with your approval will be arrived at.

Direct Intervention

If matters do not improve, or worsen, we'll discuss with you what your legal options are at this stage. We'll send a lawyer-drafted legal notice to the tenant at this stage, formally chasing rent arrears.

Legal Notice

As soon as possible, we'll correctly fill out Section 21 and 8 notices where applicable so that you will be able to repossess the property legally.

Correctly Filing for Reposession

From Credit Checking, Tenancy Agreement Creation, to Rent Guarantee Insurance, EPC's, and Emergency Repairs, the Dashboard makes it simple to order in a service to any one of your properties.

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At this point, your Rentlord Agent will personally work with you to put together a file containing all your rent payment receipts and Whiteboard documentation of communications during the tenancy. This is all legally submittable evidence for you.

Preparing Your Legals

Rentlord is the first platform for DIY Landlords where your rent payments processed by tenants go to their UK Credit Records. This incentivises prompt payment, and also helps build up the credit score of responsible tenants.

When you set up your Rentlord tenancy, you can optionally cover your property with Rent Guarantee insurance. This does give you peace of mind that all financial payments plus legal fees will be covered if things go wrong.

Optional: Rent Guarantee

Linked to UK Credit Score

Avoiding Problems #1

Avoiding Problems #2

Avoiding Problems #3

Avoiding Problems #4

What We Do Next:

If the Case Goes to Court:

We'll suggest a legal representative to represent you in court.


If the court gives you a possession order, we will help you hire a bailiff to repossess your property.


Our partner solicitors:

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Price: £14.99 +VAT / month

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Price: £8.99 +VAT / month

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Late Payment Actions